[libdecodeqr:0022] Re: image not decoded

Francesc Guasch (frankie#etsetb.upc.edu) 2010/04/21 09:22:45 +0200

On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 08:56:45PM +0400, Veselin Penev wrote:
> I do not know where you find my email…

Hello Veselin, it looks like you are subscribed to the libdecodeqr
mailing list

+ Here is an excerpt from the welcome message:
+ commands <libdecodeqr-ctl#koka-in.org>
+ maintainer <libdecodeqr-admin#koka-in.org>
+ Plaese send the "help" to the address <libdecodeqr-ctl#koka-in.org> for
+ help and
+ server functions overview
+ help
+ to get general information on this list
+ guide

> Actually I am not a developer of this library.

I see the latest commit to the svn tree is from 2009-6-13. Almost one
year ago. I am not sure the library is currently maintained.

> But I tried to use it. Yes there is a bug in the library.
> Not sure, but I think the problem is that they calculate qr code version
> incorrect.

Thank you very much.